We believe God wants us to genuinely care for one another, and we strive to create an environment where all persons can be known by name.

Everything we do, be it worship, service, study, mission, or fellowship, builds community and reliance between our Creator and ourselves. We therefore strive to be deliberate in our planning and implementation of ministries, programs, and events so that potential for fellowship and cooperation may bloom and thrive.

…Family-based Meals on Wednesday Evenings

…Inter-generational Activities, including Creative Worship and Bible Studies

…Adult and Young Adult Dinners and Fellowship

…”Faith and Film”: Monthly dinner gathering to view and discuss thought-provoking movies

…Hospital and Homebound Visitation

…Picnics for both Congregation and Neighborhood

…Activities for Children

…Children’s and Adult Choirs

…Trips and Activities for Youth

…Intergenerational Mission Work

…Homebound Visitation